Arab-Jewish Cooperation and Peaceful Coexistence

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Partitioning was discussed as a option to resolve conflict between two sides, further more, the article draws attention to the draw backs of the separation. This includes Israel feeling that it is a sacrifice on their part to fulfill this partition, whereas the Palestinians are continued to be viewed as the minorities, which cause them to be alienated. The Israelites were instructed to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza territories, by policymakers and supporters of peace, in order to create a solid Jewish majority within the states boundaries. The peace process had no positive effect for the Palestinian citizen, instead it alienated them to confined within these two cities alone. Integration is held back not only by the Israelites exclusion, but also by the Palestinian’s minority finding it difficult to integrate themselves into a country that holds them under military rule in their own territories. Israel and the PLO had signed The Oslo Agreement in 1993, which started a framework for a peace process, although it was short lived as they were unable to clear through three significant obstacles. Overall, the Israelites goal to have a Jewish state is in conflict to the Palestinian goal, to be a democratic state which provides equality to both groups.
This article draws on various historical events which frame the Israel-Palestine relations. Throughout this article, the Israelites are seen as wanting to engage in peace talks, however their priorities lye on building up a

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