A Comparison Of The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

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Since the UN partition of Israel and Palestine in 1947, Israel has been placed in many instances of conflict between the Jewish migrants to the region and the Palestinian natives. Several conflicts resulted in open, declared war, such as the First Arab-Israeli War of 1948-1949, and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In addition, Israel has been involved in the occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of the Gaza Strip. After the last open war, Israel’s occupation of the West Bank has been marked by the military governorate, taking political and institutional control of the region that is ethnically and religiously different than the population that resides in the Jewish state of Israel. As of recent years, conflict between the Jewish and …show more content…

In addition, I will examine the current state of political and human rights in Israeli occupied West Bank and analyze how they are approaching a level of apartheid. Finally, I will summarize the effects of these social tensions between Israel and Palestinians in the terms of how potential open conflict could reignite.
To prove my claim, I’ll be providing sources mainly from political analyst as well as socio-religious experts globally and regionally. These can be published research and analysis sources, such as the Brookings Institute, CIA World Factbook or the Pew Research Center, or reputable news sources such as the New York Times and The Economist. In addition, experts in the topic, such as spokespersons from groups such as Arab American Institute. In general, I will avoid “click bait” news sources such as Buzzfeed and Vice as they are mostly opinionated and don’t place as much emphasis on logos-based arguments. By focusing on fact-based articles, I will be able to better further my argument, which constitutes a fact-based complex claim on the social conflict between Jewish and Palestinian.

As of recent years, with the rise of right-wing, nationalistic politicians in Israel, the hunger for settlement of Palestine has increased. Seeing the land as theirs to take, more and more Jewish settlements have been improved and expanded on in the West Bank, culminating and high profile confrontations between the new Jewish settlers and the Palestinian

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