Archetype Essay

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In my everyday life I strive to be the best person that I can be, I try to be my own person, and try not to care about what anyone thinks about me. Although this is the motto I try to live by, it is not always the case. I used to do gymnastics, and once all of my friends found out the completely made me feel like I was nothing. They made fun of me day and night. As a result of this, I quit, and yet I thought these guys were my friends. I know for sure that i'm not the only person in the work that this is happened to. Take Bobby for example, he is a water boy for a college football team and as you may already know, being a water boy isn’t the best idea, especially if you are a 31 year old man water-boying for a college football team. Ever …show more content…

Bobby completely snaps and goes and tackles the quarterback. The coach of the football team ( coach klein) realizes this is what Bobby is made for. All that anger building up after all these years makes him the perfect football player. This show that even though Bobby is a complete outcast, coach Klein is optimistic to let Bobby show what he is really made of. Coach Klein has realized a hidden talent of bobby’s, and encourages him to play for the team to see if he could help Bobby find something that he is very good at and to help him find his place on the team. This paragraph was half decent. I attempted to fix up some minor errors and try to furthe explain what is going on like you said on my feedback. I also tried to fix up all of the convention erros i could possibly find. Overall I think I change this paragraph from a decent one to a pretty good one. As Bobby starts playing football, it doesn't really help with the friend problem, but It helps Bobby feel as if he belongs to something, like he really is a part of a team. As if he has meaning, as if he has a purpose to be there. As a benefit to playing football, Bobby is also getting a college education. In Bobby’s very first class he gets asked a very tough question and without hesitation, Bobby answers with, “Mama says the allegations are always so mad because they got all them teeth but no toothbrush.” ( The Water boy ; Frank Coraci) and everyone starts laughing and making fun of him.

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