Archetype Hero In The Movie Moana

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Imagine that your parents abandoned and no one liked you, think about that no one cared for you or talked to you. Wouldn't you want people to talk to you, or love you. That’s what Moui felt like in the movie “Moana.” Moui was a mortal like us, but his parents abandoned him and left him. Then the gods took care of him then abandoned him too. Moui had nobody to love him or talk to. He wanted to do something to amazed man and make them love him and worship him. The main character Moana sets off the find Moui to save her village because he took the stone of creation from a god. In the film, “Moana,” the story teller use the archetype Hero to reveal how we as humans take the risk of saving others because we want to be loved and worship by others. …show more content…

The only reason why Moui pull islands out of the sea is because no one loved moui for his whole life until he did those things for man. In the beginning/middle if Moana, moana tells moui that he is no one likes him and he cured the world, but if he help Moana return the stone of creation everyone would love him and worship him. ”The guy ,who cursed the world. Don't know one fellow. No one.But, put this back.Save the world.You'd be everyone's hero.Maui... Maui... Maui...Guess what they say.We never make it, without my hook.Not pass Te Ka.Then we get your hook.We get your hook, take out Te Ka. Restore the heart.Unless you don't wanna be.Maui mi god of Wind and Sea. Hero to all. First, we get my hook.Then save the world.Deal ?Deal.” the only reason why moui agreed to go on the trip to restore the stone te ka is because she told him that he’s a nobody and if he did everyone would like him. Also, everyone see him saw Moui as the person that cursed the world and they forgot when he did for everyone. Moana made Moui feel like he was the villain and the only way of him getting loved again was helping moana. Moui was the archetype hero because he wanted to do the task he was given and everyone would see him as a hero and

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