Archetypes In Homer's The Odyssey

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Ancient Greeks’ history consisted of monsters, creatures, gods, goddesses, fights, and battles. It shows that Ancient Greeks were very imaginative and creative. There were three main archetypes that were used in Homer’s epic ,The Odyssey, which show different aspects of Ancient Greek culture. Those three archetypes were: the hero/father figure archetype, the monster archetypes, and the search for love. The hero archetype explained the Ancient Greeks’ love for thrill and adventure; Odysseus went on many thrilling adventures while on his journey. The monster archetypes represented the Greeks’ love of horror; Odysseus’ men have died due to the monsters and creatures. There were also love stories that show the Greeks’ passionate and emotional …show more content…

Meaning, Odysseus, being the hero, set an important example for society. People in his society took in anything and everything he did because his actions were viewed as important and moral. Surely you have watched a movie, or read a comic, with an amazing superhero that saved his/her city from danger; well somewhere in that storyline, there was a little kid wishing they had superpowers, so they could save the world as well. That superhero was viewed as a moral to their society because of what they did, like Odysseus. Odysseus was able to survive ten long years of a vicious battle, and another ten long years fighting his way through many obstacles. Most of those obstacles included monsters. Typically, it is a general reaction for regular humans to fear anything that is different from their everyday life. Besides, “all things that differ from societal normality should be seen as either offensive, or to be feared,” ( The Hero’s Journey- Julie Harris; “Monsters & The Hero”- Section 1; pg. 16 ). The Ancient Greeks feared monsters because they were different. They felt threatened by the monsters, and the Greeks would either stay away from them, or fight them. Monsters are feared because they are, typically, known for killing and hurting people. One of the monsters, that should

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