Architectural Issue Of Villa Savoye

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Scenario: In this task, I am supposed to raise an architectural issue for The Conversation. The topic chosen for this task is about a side of Villa Savoye which is not usually known by people.
Raise an Architectural Issue for the Conversation
During the Industrial Revolution around 19th century to 20th century, people were trying to build an “Ideal City” based on the notion of socio-economical class of citizens. Starting from the middle-class to the high-class of society, townhouses were built all over the place that even stretches out to Australia. The planning of these townhouses, were also based on function and class. Higher class spaces are separated from the lower class spaces. The separation can be recognized through the position of stairs, work spaces and living quarters. Hence, what happens to building the “Ideal City”, also happens to the interior planning of townhouses.
Le Corbusier, a very well-known Swiss-French architect, also gave in to the notion in class segregation. Proof of Le Corbusier’s doing can be seen by the design of Villa Stein and Villa Savoye. Both Villas were built during the era of machinery and were designed in maximizing space and light to protrude. As a consequence, light and space were the new indicators of economical status. Other than that, …show more content…

Students, lecturers in Architecture and even architects themselves sometimes use Villa Savoye as an inspiration for modern architecture. As an architecture students who have had experience in learning about Villa Savoye, usually all the good are mentioned and never the bad, which is quite a shame. Villa Savoye may be an example for how it looks but it is definitely not an example for how it works and both aspects have the potential for

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