Architecture 's Importance As A Public Art Essay

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Architecture’s Importance as a Public Art in Modern Day Society. When people hear the word “architecture” people think of enormous structures in cities that are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of feet tall. Others may think of quaint buildings that are in rural England. In this paper I will mainly be referring to commercial building inside of major cities. However, this does not mean that all ideas that I present are limited to those buildings. All buildings serve as public art in their own way, and I believe that architecture is the most important form. Many people know that art has the ability to affect one’s mood—whether it is by music, photography, or painting. One thing people do not realize is that architecture can have the same effect. “In 2007 Joan Meyers-Levy, a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, reported that the height of a room’s ceiling affects how people think.” (Anthes 2) In this study, Meyers assigns one hundred people to a room; one with a ten-foot ceiling, and the other with an eight-foot ceiling. She then asks the participants to put ten sports into categories. The participants that were assigned the taller ceiling room came up with more abstract categories to group the sports in. While the participants assigned the lower ceiling height room came up with very concrete categories. In the 1950s, prizewinning biologist and doctor Jonas Salk was working on a cure for polio while in a dark basement laboratory. His progress was quite

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