Are Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria? Essay

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Therefore, antibiotic resistant bacteria could potentially cause an apocalypse if conditions discussed are met. If the US government and countries like continue to ignore the problem caused by giving livestock antibiotics too frequently, then it will not matter how many hospitals in the US or India, as previously discussed, reform their practices. The dense population of India and their sacred belief in cows can help promote the spread of resistant bacteria, as it has already been increasing according to the study done by Liu et al. Money is always good at inciting people to get things done. Sadly, the money is on the other types of drugs other than the ones that help battle superbugs. Without reform from governments, healthcare centers, and plans to stimulate research into new drugs, the fight against beefed up bacteria seems untenable. If one were still not convinced of the legitimacy of the issue, then perhaps a licensed doctor of over two decades could make things clear. Melissa Dennison agreed to an interview over drug resistant bacteria, and when asked of drug resistant bacteria, she said, “There is a huge increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria. This is a very serious problem.” With first-hand knowledge and experience dealing with sick children, Dr. Dennison has seen a shift in prescribing methods reflecting a growing consciousness of the overuse of antibacterial drugs. She stated in the interview that intelligent doctors know to use antibacterial drugs sparingly,

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