Are Cars Better Then Cars?

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Throughout the centuries transportation has been a very important and significant attribute to our everyday lives as humans. We now severely rely on our transportation methods for everything. Some would say that transportation is a necessity and something that we need to survive. Over time there have been hundreds and hundreds of different sorts of transportation methods created. Probably the two most famous and most used would be the truck and the car. Two of the most used and most bought vehicles in the market probably. Because we are humans, we like always have different opinions and favorites for everything. So there has always been the question “Are trucks better then cars?” or “Are cars better then trucks?”, and that’s why there must be some research and topics to look at first before anyone can answer either question. When it comes to topics like this one, there needs to be facts about what each one has to offer or what the bad that they have. It first starts with a very important factor that is crucial in the vehicle industry, millage. Trucks typically use up more gas because of their bigger size engine and also in physical size and weight. Most pickup tucks tend to have a big V8 engines that has a lot of power to be able to pull and carry big things. Since they are bigger, they use up much more power than a smaller engine like small cars. I personally have a V8 pickup truck with a 4.6 liter engine. Which is actually pretty small for a V8 truck, but still uses up…

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