Are Cars Better Then Cars?

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Throughout the centuries transportation has been a very important and significant attribute to our everyday lives as humans. We now severely rely on our transportation methods for everything. Some would say that transportation is a necessity and something that we need to survive. Over time there have been hundreds and hundreds of different sorts of transportation methods created. Probably the two most famous and most used would be the truck and the car. Two of the most used and most bought vehicles in the market probably. Because we are humans, we like always have different opinions and favorites for everything. So there has always been the question “Are trucks better then cars?” or “Are cars better then trucks?”, and that’s why there must …show more content…

It will take about $40 or more to fill up the gas tank depending on the gas price at the time. On the other hand, cars are the opposite and don’t waste much gas at all. You could call them gas savers. Because of their small size; they usually have a V6 or 4 cylinder engines. Since their engines are smaller and have better gas millage then the typical pickup truck, you save more money when it comes to gas. Throughout the years there have been advancements to cars that make them electrically powered, or hybrids. This means that they don’t have to completely rely only on gas to be able to work. They can be charged like a battery to work, but also has the use of gas for fuel. That is why they are called hybrid cars. Maybe throughout the passing years, they can start to make hybrid trucks as well. Then there will be an even more competitive argument about which of the two is better than the other for sure. One major thing that is needed to be known would be the handling on the vehicle. Both are great sorts of vehicles that’s can be very safe and well used. That is why this category is a very important one, since it involves the safety of the passengers. Trucks of course are bigger and take up much more space then smaller cars. This is why some people might have a hard time trying to drive around with a big pickup truck. Since cars are smaller, they can maneuver better, and move through smaller places. Cars are smaller and lighter, so they will most likely

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