Are College Safe Zones

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Truth be told: the American people are suffering from self-inflicted limitations and mediocracy. Between college safezones and recurring oversensitivity, society has limited what can and cannot be said in acquirement to recently emerging offence. The Berkeley protests were the first series of inciting incidents that led to national implications and constituted the onset of the counterculture era. It was these students in California who birthed a new era on college campuses, one in which students would demand to be included, to be treated like adults, and to have a very public say on such hotbed issues as civil rights and the Vietnam War. Despite the American root of “being heard,” the american people have entirely switched from megaphones to …show more content…

The role between the government and the people have switched gears, whereas the people are the ones limiting what can and cannot be said. At Brown University a “safe space” was created for students upset by a debate consisting of different viewpoints on campus sexual assault. The space included cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies. In theory, the idea holds many potential benefits. However, even communism looked good on paper. Many perceive college safe zones as a way for students to recuperate and to be free from the harsh language and insulting nature of the American people. Yet, does this freedom college safe zones promote exist as more of a limitation rather than liberty? Treating society as if they are sensitive children, who need to be shielded by disturbing, unsettling, or even “scary” discussions, leaves no room for advancement. Discussion is vital to the development of ideas and solutions. These students need to discuss controversial issues, they need to debate, they need to argue, and they need to explore and listen to others opinions while creating ones of their own. College safe zones limit the importance and beauty of an argument. It is for those who wish to hide from the reality of troublesome occurrences happening in …show more content…

Do not make a world where everyone is holding hands, make one where everyone is raising hands. Teach children to speak, to listen, to be patient, to observe, teach them not to be stubborn, and teach them perspective. This is what needs to be pushed into education: discussion. The main focus is what these safe zones promote and what they teach. Being part of a university that gives cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies when students refuse to handle the opinion of someone else advocates the loss of free speech. Personally, I am not a child and I am not going to treat my brain to the same treatment as an upcoming preschooler. If society wants proper development we need discussion and we need debate. Society needs discussion for the ideas to flow and for resolutions to be made. Discussion is what truly helps, not silence and

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