Are Genetically Modified Crops Good For Society?

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Tiffany Hummel English 301 Professor Shen 5/11/17 Are Genetically Modified Crops Good for Society? Genetically Modified (GM) foods are found in almost every food sold in groceries stores all over the United States. They can be found in packaged to even fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the Institute for Responsible Technology GM, major commodity crops such as corn and soybeans have found to be 90% or more to have been raised by a GM seed (Smith 1). They are genetically modified for many different reasons whether it is for more nutrients, a larger size or removal of pesticides. The problematic issue is that some believe that GM foods are too expensive, they effect human health or it is toxic to the environment. Ultimately, GM crops …show more content…

Bt is a soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide which is naturally found in the gut of caterpillars (GMO Food Safety 1). Today GM plants are now made with other plants instead. A newer method, referred to as "transgenomics", does not involve DNA marking or insertions. Basically it is cross-breeding plants of the same species. Scientists believe certain traits are created not only by a particular gene, but by the way groups of genes interact with each other (Om Organics). The most beneficial aspect of transgenic technology is now also being used to remove the allergens such as from peanuts, one of most serious causes of food allergy. So why are is there a huge argument against GM crops if they are helping society? In my opinion, GM crops do more help than harm because positive results are found in the economy, human health, and the environment due to new improving advancements in research. To start with my argument a common misconception is that producing GM crops can cost more than to buy them. Another benefit of GM crops is that it has caused global reduction in pesticide spraying by 581 million kg between 1996 and 2014 (Staropoli 1). As a result of reducing pesticide spraying, it decreases the amount of money being used to manufacture the pesticides and the loss of pest infestations on crops such as corn and cotton. Much of the economic boom throughout the GM

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