Are Haunted Houses Are Not The Place?

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The number of haunted houses, both professional and ameture, has reached well into the thousands as of 2016. That means you have many to choose from this coming holiday. The average big house, a professional house with a substantial run time, draws in at least 300 patrons a night. Yet, with the millions of participants every year, I would confidently say that less than half, if even that, are really getting the most out of the experience. Worry not, for i have prepared all that you need to know about having the best experience that you can. The first step to really enjoying a haunt, is to make sure you choose the right one. If you’ve never been to a haunted house, you should look up the ones in your area online. Each big house should have it’s own website, complete with both videos and reviews. Look through these to help yourself get a feeling as to how the haunt operates. You also have to know yourself. Haunted houses are not the place for foolish lies and false bravado. If you are deathly afraid of spiders, don 't buy tickets to Phobia Haunt, which has a sub walkthrough called Arachnophobia, just because some girl you like wants to go. Not only will this make you never want to go to another haunt, but she won’t agree to another date if you peed yourself in front of her because you tried to act macho. Now that you’ve chosen the haunt that you want, it 's time to get ready to go. The season usually begins around September 16, and wraps up November the third, which means

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