Are Humans Inherently Violent?

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Are humans inherently violent is a question that has been asked throughout history. Its existence started with the wars, the murders, the attempted genocide and the countless acts of violence and death portrayed in written and spoken history. Human’s inability to understand our own nature is what drives this question and many like it. They want to know what drives them, as an individual, as a society and as a race. Humans wish to know what needs are the most important, what needs are unnecessary, what needs are actually wants, what needs aren’t part of nature but what is given through nurture and so on. These questions allow for humans to better understand their own mind and body. The question really being asked is why do I do the things I do? This question leads to the creation of other questions about human action, thought process and the follow through measure. In wondering about violence, there is a distinctive fear that humans are inherently bad, which is what violence is considered to be. There is a great deal of evidence for both sides, though most historical and older scientific evidence supports the yes sides of the argument. While the no side is more often than not portrayed by newer evidence given in studies, psychological data and observations of the human race. This evidence allows for humans to make arbitrary conclusions about human nature, it does not necessarily make a solid factual statement. It all depends on one’s own interpretation.
For the yes side, the
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