Are Humans Naturally Violent?

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Daniel Keighley
Mrs. Brown
Psychology Rubric
10th December 2013
Are Humans Naturally Violent?

Violence is Physical
My operational definition of violence is any kind of physical action where the intention is to hurt, damage or kill someone or something. There is the question of whether violence is a part of human nature or simply some people way of interacting with the world around us, were we always violent or is it a more pronounced feature of the modern era? I believe that violence is a key part of human nature and has contributed to our survival and evolution on many occasions, however it can also a major drawback and has led to some of humanities most devastating mortality rates, wars and atrocities. It is widely accepted that violence is present in at least some humans, and so where does this violence originate from? The nature vs nurture debate explores whether people are born with this violent gene or are raised by their parents or guardians to act in a violent way but are not born with it. The nature vs nurture debate is a key part of violences origins in humanity and so will be explored in this essay.

A Biological Explanation of Violence
The biological explanation contributes the violence of a person to the makeup of their body, this is partially down to your genetic makeup, this would suggest that if your parents are violent then you a born with a predisposition to be violent. Although this is not purely down to genetic makeup, for example the makeup of your body
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