Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change

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Climate change or global warming is the increase in the earths average temperature.
Some people believe that climate change is nit caused by humans, but by natural causes. While others believe that humans are the cause of climate change. People that believe that climate change is due to humans believe that humans have caused climate change by the things we do everyday. Climate change is a very popular topic of discussion among people and what they can do to change it. Humans are mostly responsible for climate change because of burning fossil fuels, the industrial revolution, and deforestation.
Burning fossil fuels impacts climate change by releasing greenhouse gasses. A common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is very well known and is released while doing everyday things like driving a car. Carbon dioxide also is the main impacting greenhouse gas along with methane and nitrous oxide. After burning fossil fuels the greenhouse gasses trap heat in
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The industrial revolution showed how many fossil fuels could be used to improve how they did everyday things. Only they did not know how this would impact the world farther down the line. The increase in atmosphere concentration of carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution is nearly a 30 percent increase. Along with carbon dioxide methane concentration has more than doubled, and nitrous oxide concentration has increased 15 percent. During the industrial revolution there was deforestation which impacted global warming by releasing greenhouse gasses. The impact of deforestation was great and will be discussed in the following paragraph. A major fossil fuel used during the industrial revolution was coal. Coal was used as a source of fuel during the industrial revolution and was used to make up for lack firewood. In total I think that industrial revolution was a turning point in the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels became much more used and advanced upon after the industrial
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