Essay about Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases

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Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

Humans are polluting our atmosphere causing the Greenhouse Effect. What’s the Greenhouse Effect? “The Greenhouse Effect can be visualized as follows: imagine that Earth has been encircled by a giant glass sphere. The heat of the sun penetrates through the glass. Some of the heat is absorbed by the Earth, and some is radiated back towards space. The radiated heat reaches the glass sphere and is prevented from dispersing any further”(Global Warming The Facts). This makes the heat bounce back towards the Earth, which heats it up tremendously.

The warming of the Earth is not a good thing. If the ice caps on the mountaintops were to melt it would raise the ocean by eight feet and many lives
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Alteration of this natural barrier of atmospheric gases can raise or lower the mean global temperature of the Earth”(Greenhouse Gas).

There are four major gases that cause the greenhouse effect. These chemicals are Chloroflourocarbons (CFC’s), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Methane (CH4). “CFC’s destroy ozone molecules by the thousands, causing a smaller amount of ozone in the ozone layer. This allows more UV rays hit the Earth’s surface, causing a slight increase of the Earth’s temperature. The more ozone molecules destroyed, the more UV rays enter the Earth’s atmosphere, making the temperature even higher”(What Is The Greenhouse Effect).

The next major gas is carbon dioxide. “Small amounts of carbon dioxide in the air helps keep heat in the Earth in the vital process of the Greenhouse Effect. As car exhausts and industries continue to shoot carbon dioxide in the air, the amount of carbon dioxide will increase. This causes more heat to be kept, increasing the Earth’s temperature”(What Is The Greenhouse Effect).

The third gas is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has pretty much the same effect on the ozone as the chloroflourocarbons, but nitrous oxide only destroys about one-forth of what the chloroflourocarbons destroy.

The forth-major gas is methane. Methane also traps heat in to the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, but methane has a less harmful effect on
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