Are Sports A Bad Omens Within The Sports Sphere?

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Where there are sports there are also injuries not far behind. It is easy to think only professional athletes are prone to injuries, but often it is children who will suffer an injury because in States is approximately 30 million children or adolescents who participate in organized sports. (Adirim, & Cheng. 2003) Injuries are seen a bad omens within the sports sphere and they can occur for in many different ways for many different reasons. There are three major categories of injuries; they are acute injuries, chronic injuries, and insidious onset injuries. Insidious onset injuries occur gradually over time and have no apparent cause. This can occur due to an exposure that does not immediately present itself. Acute injuries usually occur…show more content…
Anterior lower leg pain known as shin splints is a chronic injury that can occur as result of increased activity. Brown (2016), believes that “the medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) also known as shin splints or medial tibial traction periostitis is a common and often debilitating overuse injury of the lower leg associated with running and walking activities.” Very strong, growing musculature of the lower leg can become taut and pull on and aggravate the very sensitive periosteum or outer surface of the tibia. This is a chronic injury that is common in high school athletes who specialize in a single sport. Sport specialization can increase the incidence of this injury (Korsh, Matijakovich, & Gatt, 2017). “The highest incidence occurs in the sports of cross country running and gymnastics, with girls having nearly twice the risk as boys.” (Changstrom et al. 2014) Media Tibial Stress Syndrome may also be seen in young athletes who participate in sprinting sports and jumping sports such as, basketball, volleyball, and track & field events. This injury has to be ruled out by as stress fracture, although prolonged issues with MTSS can lead to a stress reaction or fracture of the tibia. This chronic injury is rarely treated surgically, young athletes with this injury can find relief with modification of the offending activity and stretching of the muscles
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