Essay on Are Video Games Really A Major Issue for This Generation?

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There are various problems facing the world such as health care, gun control, and concerns of how the growing advances in technology will influence the generation. An issue that many people would not think of is video games. Most people are one sided, either seeing the media's portray as fun and playful or a danger to your kids and the cause of our generation's laziness. What most people don't realize is how the smaller factors of our everyday lives, leisurely activities such as video games, is a massive part to these even greater issues that make up the world today. News about video games today are not the most positive. They are plastered with words that depict video games as "violent", "addictive", "negative", and of course, "cause …show more content…

Justice System, advertising of products and their effect on the masses, and lack educational resources. Because of the unfair image of video games, the public does not understand how this "weapon" can actually be a incredible resource and solution to the many troubles of society. In a University of Iowa study, a group of individuals 50 and older played a specially designed video game and it improved their speed and mental processing abilities by slowing their natural mental decline -- in some cases, up to seven years. By using technology in this way, students can improve literary rate and mental skills, the elderly can slow the aging process, and can serve as an effective relieve to depression and stress. People from all walks of life access video games on a day to day basis. From the Call of Duty shooter to the Candy Crushers to the online Sudoku masters, the influence to the masses and the capabilities of video games has been diluted since the 1980s. Video games are one of the most important issues in today's world because of how they've rapidly influenced so many aspects of our daily lives, despite being completely undermined as an issue at all. With further research, more can be understood about the psychology of this technology through it's advances from pixels to CGI images as the world advances with it. If more attention is put to the debate of video games, good or bad, at least some focus

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