Are You A Bona Fide American?

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Are you a bona fide American? Well, if you think you are, think again? We all came from somewhere. We aren 't normal people. We are Americans. All of us have been melted down from our past generations. We 've melted down to a new race of people. This race is called the Americans. There are also more things you need to do and have to be a true American. Another one is that you would have to have the American dream. This would let you have goals and you can consummate things you never dreamed of. Lastly, you would need to know the language which is undoubtedly English. Presently anything else you would need to have these things. These things can bring you many advantages through your life. The only bad thing is that it will not only give you that but also some detriment. Even though some things can be useful they can also be used for the opposite thing. Venturing on to be an American means you have to of been a chunk of the melting pot. What this means is that our cultures have been leisurely vanishing and turning into something new. Like a new race of men. This new race of men would be called Americans. This new race is a new culture. This new culture is nothing like your old culture or your ancestors '. This new culture can lead to many good things. One of them is that a new culture will form, this would allow us to all come together and be as one(Millet Joyce paragraph 1).It is good by virtue of the new race of men can have more advantages in pretty much anything like
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