Are our Recycling Efforts Worth the Trouble?

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Are our Recycling Efforts Worth the Trouble?

Recycling has always been a matter of helping the environment to have a sustainable community, it is the number one action we can do for the environment, the economy and our future for this planet. In this essay I am going to write about why recycling is important. And why it is worth our efforts to have a sustainable environment for future generations. The benefits of recycling are many and those includes reducing the waste send to landfills, prevent pollution, and have economic benefits that create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries. Society should recycle in order to abstain and control global warming. With this in mind carbon dioxide is the main cause of this global
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We can start in our own homes by recycling newspaper, plastic containers and aluminum cans that cannot decompose very easily. We can also plant a tree in our own backyard to show that we really care about the environment and community. Recycling reduces pollution and the demand for energy (Tom Seller, Jr. - National Geographic). Discharging all kinds of plastic bottles to the trash instead of recycle them force landfills to be overfilled. That space could be used for other purposes that eventually can benefit the community (“Sarah Barnes” We all need to have the courage to recycle to have a less polluted future environment.

In addition to the above recycling benefits, recycling creates jobs that benefit the economy. The more that individuals and businesses participate in recycling the more our planet will give to us. Mother earth is always been kind with us giving fresh water, air, wildlife, and abundant plant life. The minimum we can do is recycle to keep having those beautiful things to survive.

There are several recycling companies that are presently handling recycling responsibilities, and they are government certified like Bacardi. Bacardi has achieved environmental and cost savings by recycling one hundred and fifty truckloads of concrete as backfill in the ground works of new structures (“Ben Messenger” WMW). They provide with job opportunities and space to grow within the
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