Area 51 - Essay 1

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Rome 1 Rachel Rome Culver Advanced English 9 24 April 2012 Area 51 Area 51, also known as Dreamland is a secret government facility located in Nevada 83 miles from Las Vegas. No one is allowed to pass a certain point near Area 51; if someone trespasses they can be arrested. They have security systems and people ready if someone passes. Photography is also prohibited near Area 51. Area 51 is one of the most secret military facilities. Originally, the security systems were to keep away soviet spies, but now it is also to keep away curious people who want to know what is going on at Area 51. People have wondered for years about the secrets of Area 51. Several have given theories of what is there, what is going on, and who is …show more content…

“The number of UFO sighting around the base has created an aura of mystery around Area 51 and UFO buffs believe it holds secrets around it.”(Demand Media, Inc., Doug Desjardins, Area 51 Facts, Web.). Many people believe that Area 51 contains UFOs and aliens; it is one of the most known conspiracy theories about Area 51. People have spotted and captured on camera what they believe are to be UFOs. They have seen mysterious alien like aircrafts flying near and around by Area 51 during the

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