Arguement During The Vietnam War

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The U.S is sending troops to a place most Americans couldn't point out on a map. This place is called Vietnam. My opinion on the draft is that is was extremely unfair for people that couldn't afford to send their kids to college. If your draft number was called you would have to go to war unless you could afford to go to college. And for many people this was not an option which meant war for them. Fortunately for me, my birthday has a high draft number however, I would still be scared if they ever got to numbers that high. the families of the draftees if your number got called you were most likely devastated with the news. This war ended up having over 50,000 casualties from Americans lives alone. That number is outrageous considering how many people did not agree with the war in the first place. …show more content…

The north vietnamese were being very well funded by the Russians and the Chinese. This was an easily supported war from them because both of those countries were also communist countries. Young people were forced to go risk their life for reasons they did not believe in A lot of music was made just based off the war and some are even known as classics now. Songs such as “Leaving on a jet” by Peter, Paul and Mary, “I feel like i'm fixin to die rag” by Country Joe and The Fish, and “We gotta get out of this place” by The

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