Overivew of Vietnam War

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Between the cessation of the Second World War and the onset of the 21st Century, the United States of America and the Soviet Union were embroiled in a geopolitical standoff known as the Cold War. In this international “game” of strategic maneuvers and incidents, both nations attempted to assert their influence over other states in what was essentially an ideological clash between democracy/capitalism and communism/socialism. Although the Cold War did not involve a full-scale, direct military confrontation between both powers, this notion manifested itself in the form of proxy wars and sub-conflicts. The United States and the Soviet Union backed countries that aligned with their respective interests, and through financial, political, and…show more content…
During the French Indochina War, the Soviet Union and China funneled supplies to the Vietminh in its war against France. Conversely, the United States chose to reinforce the French in a maneuver to uphold its interests in the region. At the time, US Secretary of State Dean Acheson and President Harry Truman saw that the Vietminh was comprised of communist sympathizers and idealists. Fearful that France’s expulsion from the region would be accompanied by a communist takeover of Vietnam, Acheson petitioned Truman into committing logistical and financial support to France’s efforts in suppressing the Vietminh insurrection (Murray-7).
Although the Vietminh had distinguished itself in fighting against Japanese occupation during the Second World War, it was evident that the movement was being affected by factionalism and ideological distinctions. The Vietminh consisted of both communist and anti-communist members. Despite vivid mistrust and suspicion between both sides, the only mutual objective that all Vietminh members shared was the defeat of France. It was this objective that maintained the fragile unity amongst the Vietminh. Many non-communist Vietminh leaders planned to collaborate continuously with their communist counterparts for the duration of the war, and when the opportunity presented itself, purge the Vietminh of any communist influences. Interestingly enough, this plan was reminiscent of those devised by European resistance movements during the Second World

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