The Vietnam War, The Differences And Reasons Behind The War

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Throughout history, there have been countless numbers of wars. These wars have usually occurred because of differences amongst nations and people in society. The Vietnam War is an example of relentless fighting and conflict between countries due to political differences. Through Mark Atwood Lawrence’s book, The Vietnam War, the differences and reasons behind the war are better comprehended. In his book, Mark Atwood Lawrence accomplishes to portray the war in Vietnam from several different perspectives. Lawrence examines the reasons behind the Vietnamese revolution and he also develops conclusions to why numerous countries were so remarkably interested in Vietnam. Furthermore, Lawrence specifically describes the war in Vietnam as a…show more content…
Under Ho Chi Minh, the nationalist movement gained impeccable momentum. In fact, Lawrence describes Ho Chi Minh as a leader who “showed a remarkable ideological flexibility to succeed where earlier nationalists has failed” (17). Ho Chi Minh had the innate ability to attract people from all walks of life. Along with the elites, his supporters also included many peasants. The communist leader was able to appeal to a vast amount of individuals by advocating for Vietnamese independence through a social revolution. Eventually, when France’s influence weakened as a result of the German invasion of 1940, Minh’s political influence grew. Lawrence describes Vietnam as “a vital front in the global confrontation between democratic capitalism and international communism” (28). At this point, Lawrence portrays the tension between the Chinese, Soviets and Americans. As the Chinese civil was occurring towards the end of the 1940’s, American leaders were working tirelessly to find anti-communist allies. Americans were deeply concerned about communist influence and began to fund France as it attempted to reconquer Indochina. To be exact, 3 billion dollars was spent by the United States in order to help maintain its containment policy. France wasn’t the only one that was receiving support from a foreign power. In fact, Lawrence argues that the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was just as successful. They were also able to receive
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