Arguementive Essay About Vegan vs. Omnivore Dies

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Nicole Rixen, 101B
Argument Essay
December 18, 2012
Rhetorical Situation
Purpose Sentence: The purpose is to infer that a vegan/vegetarian diet is better for the health of Americans than an omnivorous diet using reasoning, credibility, and emotion.
Writer: Through the use of reasoning, credibility, and emotion, the comparison between a vegan/vegetarian diet and an omnivorous diet explains why a vegan/vegetarian diet is more beneficial for the health of Americans and the ethical treatment of animals.
Purpose: The purpose of the argumentative essay is to inform Americans about the benefits of both diets and the treatment of animals for human consumption while arguing that a vegan/vegetarian diet is healthier for American’s …show more content…

The type of Iron the body takes in can prevent the intoxication of Iron. High levels Heme Iron, found in animals and their by-products, can harm the body and increase the chance of chronic diseases. Nonheme Iron, found in plant-based diets, is healthy even in overconsumption. The intake of vitamins and nutrients in the body is absorbed through one way: fats (Truesdell). When fat is carried into the body’s digestive system, it is broken down in the small intestine into lipids that are then broken down into amino acids. The problem that has risen in western diets is the type and amount of fat an American consumes. The type of fat found in animal products is saturated, which means that the fat molecule has no chemical that can break down the fat (Disabled). Because of the body unable to breakdown these fats, saturated fats is a main culprit to the increased amount of chronic diseases. People should not eliminate all fat from the body or else they can be as malnourished as someone who overuses those fats. Instead, foods, like plants and grain oils, have amounts of unsaturated fat that are good for the body’s nourishment in vitamins and are easy to break down through the digestive process (Truesdell).
The injections of chemicals in our meats and dairy have also found a positive correlation in high amounts of fat, which is another health concern that has started to become a

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