Argument Against Evolution By Natural Selection

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UCOR 1620 02

Darwin & the idea of Evolution

Mingxi Li(Jessie)

Mar. 8th, 2017

Assignment 3

Argument against Evolution by Natural Selection


Natural selection is one of the numerous theories that attempt to explain the evolution

of living things from their primitive origins to the more advanced organisms existing

today. At its core, this theory supports the notion that only the strongest organisms

survive in a changing environment while their weak counterparts die off. Nevertheless,

various circles regard the evolutionary theory by natural selection as practically

impossible. Since its conception, proponents of the theory have defended it with the

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Moreover, today’s

criticisms and denials also come from all quarters in various forms such as creationism,

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neo-creationism, and intelligent design. Even though several points exist on either side

of the creationism versus evolution argument, notwithstanding the gaps on both sides

of the divide, it becomes apparent that the theory of evolution has some serious

fundamental flaws. Creationism is the belief that concept and design require a creator

(Sarfati and Mathews). When applied to detecting design in the universe and life, this

principle becomes a more reasonable explanation to believe in a higher power as the

Creator or Designer of both (Sarfati and Mathews).

Unlike the concept of evolution, which remains unproven and continues to lack

even the slightest experimental or observational support, the creationist argument is

sound because it argues against a set of misunderstandings about evolution that people

are right to consider ludicrous (Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini). For this reason, a large

part of the society is likely to embrace creationism. Moreover, various religious

denominations already propagate the belief in a higher power, making creationism more

intellectually and socially palatable to a majority of people, both scholars and lay

audiences. A related issue is

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