Argument Of An Open Source Visualisation Tool

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Argument Visualisation tools
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
Argumentation is the area that studies the relation between a claim and any statement that supports or opposes this claim.
Argument visualisation is the way to present the arguments, which make it easy way to analysis and evaluate. There are many tools help to visualise arguments used different type of visualisation, such as, network, tree, and table.
Argument graph is import to summarize the complex argument on documents, which make all the argument’s elements and relation clear and explicit. Also it can play role in making decision. The decision can be taken after analysis the graph and find solution for problems.

3. Background
3.1. Network Visualisation:
It is type of visualisation which support directed and undirected graph. The graph consists of nodes and lines.

3.1.1. CompendiumLD: is an open source visualisation tool that is usually used for learning purposes [1]. It helps education’s staff to organise their ideas, design learning tutorials, and share relevant materials with students. CompendiumLD has a clear layout as Fig. 1 shows. This tool consists of sets of icons. Users can simply drag and drop the icons and use arrows to link between the icons and describe task’s direction between them. The icons are divide to groups according to their objectives [2]. Some icons are used for learning design while other are used to express conditional issues in the task. For example, if a student passes the

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