Argumentative Effect On Climate Change

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Climate change is the change in the average weather for an area or state over many years. Earth’s climate has been changing from warmer periods to cooler periods and vice versa. Events that support this change is when the “volcanic eruption and outgassing increased the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and brought the Earth out of its ‘snowball’ stage several million years ago.” (Hetherington, R., & Reid, R. G., 2010) As well as when the “continental drift broke up the largest land masses, slowly affecting climate, because the sea acted as a heat buffer and because of the redistribution of ocean currents.” (Hetherington, R., & Reid, R. G., 2010) Recently, Earth’s climate has been in a warming stage where “its average temperature has risen a little more than one degree Fahrenheit during the past 100 years.” (May, S.) Human activities have created an increasingly negative effect on the environment and are now causing the earth to go through a period of global warming. While climate change is a pressing issue, it is also a very politically-charged and controversial one. As Berkeley Professor Andrew T. Guzman wrote, “To believe that human behavior is causing warming is to betray one side of the political divide, and to reject that notion is to betray the other” (Guzman, A. T., 2013). However, if we can’t admit that human activity is responsible for the recent climate changes, then the Earth will be negatively impacted. Although natural causes have been responsible for

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