Is It Global Warming Or Climate Change?

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Tammy Love
Dr. Abigail Arnold
English Composition 122
October 25, 2015
Is It Global Warming or Climate Change; or is it Power and Control?
It is a fact that climate change is occurring and humans as the main contributing factor is at the heart of the Global Warming debate. Still, is the debate truly about protecting our planet from human-activity climate change, or is the natural cycle of the Earth being used as a ruse to “promote” climate change to determine global policy measures and defeat Capitalism? Whether human caused, natural, or both, the debate has become a political one instead of scientific, and the media has sensationalized it to the point where skeptics have become more rigid and believers more frightened. The problem with the consensus is that certain statistics have become associated with human-caused global warming, when in fact it could be attributed to the earth’s natural cycle. Let us look at what we know. Over the years, the globe has fluctuated in temperature. We have had ice ages and warming periods. We all learned in our history books, natural forces continue to dominate the climate today as they did in the past. The Medieval Warming Period in the 1200s was somewhat warmer than we are now. During the early part of the twentieth century the climate started to warm from 1910 until about 1940. After 1940, the climate began to cool for about 30 years. Then, in a very similar time span and temperature level in the 1910-1940 warming, another warming

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