Argumentative Essay About Break Up

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Great, the break-up sucks in and of itself. The extra kick in the nuts is that it is during the holidays. Holidays are times where people (even men) are usually more emotionally engaged. This is not welcome at a time where a guy is already emotionally and psychologically beat up. The media and society put forth the image that everyone else is having a good time and enjoying the season. This then makes your current situation seem all the more painful in comparison. It is normal to miss an ex-girlfriend and feel a void by not having a partner during this time. But there are tools to cope with it. Check em out. Why during the holidays? You may have heard about a somewhat recent study providing evidence that there is a huge spike in break-ups …show more content…

There is nothing that you can do to meet the expectations created by the fictitious "happily ever after" of Christmas & New Year or the B.S. romanticism of Valentines Day. So inevitably when life is not like the movies, the woman blames you and it is all your fault. This ridiculous perspective can cause a girl to overreact and break-up with her boyfriend. Tips to survive a holiday break-up So clearly there are a whole bunch of reasons for holiday break-ups. To counter the distress of this situation, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Understanding these perspectives and employing these strategies can save you a whole lot of grief. With all of the drama and stress that the holidays bring, there is an upside. There is a whole lot to do to keep you busy. It is hard to not run into a holiday party... even a one sponsored by your employer or school. It doesn't matter if people are going to ask about your ex-girlfriend when you get there, at least there are other immediate environmental distractions that can keep your mind off of that topic (we will discuss tricks for this scenario below). And let's be honest. It ain't like you won't be thinking of her when you are home alone, so fearing talking about her is no excuse to miss the party. Take advantage of the distractions presented during the

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