Argumentative Essay: Are Viruses Living?

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The debate on whether viruses are living organisms or not is very complicated and requires a large amount of thinking. This is caused by their complicated structure and the fact that it shares some qualities of life and some qualities that don't show life. This makes it very difficult to categorize viruses as living or not. Since they have chemistry set like structure and they are missing a cell we conclude they are not living organisms. But I think we should stop ignoring the difficulties of this question and analyze this even more. Doing so I disagree that viruses are nonliving due to their many abilities and other attributes which make them very active.
One of the reasons I think that viruses are living is due to their ability to pull energy from their hosts to activate themselves. This qualifies them to be considered living because just like humans, animals, plants, or many other living things they use energy to power themselves to keep moving. For instance, a human needs energy to live, humans …show more content…

These are also actions that living organisms are most often active in, and although the virus itself does not reproduce itself, this cannot disqualify it from being a living organism. It is still reproducing but its doing so by using the host cell’s replication genes because it does not have a cell. This process of reproduction shows the virus's ability to adapt and live even though it does not have a cell. The virus seems to make up for not having a cell by copying the host cells that it infects and using that strength to keep itself alive. After pondering and thinking about viruses and their abilities, I believe that they are living because they have all the attributes of living organism’s but one which is the fact that the do not have cells, but i believe that we should rethink that rule as viruses make up for their lack of by infecting the cells around

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