Argumentative Essay: Increase In Minimum Wage

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Well, first off, it seems a bit silly to me to HATE a person simply because you don’t agree with their proposed tax plan.. lol. Disagreeing? Sure, that’s understandable. Hating? That’s a bit extreme. But that’s another conversation… Here’s some stuff to think about:

Many large corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes, including what is legally required of them. They use tax breaks, loop holes, and so on. Many corporations pay no federal income taxes at all, stashing their cash in off shore tax havens around the world… causing us to lose over $100 billion a year in revenue.

One thing the economy is good at right now is generating profits. And of course that’s with most of it going to the top 1%. On average, CEO’s make over $5,000 an hour… If you’re a co-CEO of Chipotle you make over $13,000 an hour. That’s a lot! You’re right, a raise in minimum wage would come mostly from profits, but obviously there is plenty of that going around. Channel a little bit of that insanely high CEO salary to
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That’s a reduction of the federal minimum wage by a third. After taxes and other deductions, a person working full time on minimum wage is barely surviving in todays economy. Minimum wage in the US is well below that of other advanced countries. Trump’s advice to low wage workers is ignorant. The guy was born into a millionaire family. I’m not saying he has never worked hard in his life, I’m sure he has. But he clearly has no understanding of the people who didn’t luck into a wealthy family. He should try telling that to the people who have gone bankrupt due to medical bills. Or to this woman who died in her car trying to get some sleep in between shifts of her 4 part time jobs. The easy idea that all poor people are lazy is just ignorant. Yes, there are a lot of lazy people out there. But the world is a little more complex than
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