Argumentative Essay: Intimate Partner Violence And Women In France

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As obese and overweight people know all too well, judgment about your appearance isn't always kind. But for women in France, harsh weight criticism from a partner or boyfriend could become criminal.

National Public Radio recently reported on a proposed law in France that could make it illegal to mentally abuse your loved one. The abuse could cover a range of verbal threats, including berating someone over their weight. It's not clear exactly where the line would be drawn on this issue in courts, potentially making it difficult to enforce. But it's très intéressant nonetheless.

Does it seem like a radical move? Joan C. Chrisler, professor of psychology at Connecticut College, doesn't think so. "Insulting remarks from spouses or parents are particularly likely to hurt relationships," she said. "Studies show that teasing among peers hurts and marginalizes overweight children, and comments from coaches and teachers have been reported by girls with eating disorders as the spark that ignited their anorexic or bulimic behavior."
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"Intimate partner violence is a big problem in most societies," said Chrisler. "Most physical abusers also abuse their partners psychologically, primarily through a pattern of insulting and demeaning
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