Argumentative Essay: Is The Government Fair In Our Current Age

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Francisco Gutierrez Sep/28/16
Composition 101
Is our government fair in our current age, do they carry justice rightfully or do they have their own agenda. They have being cases where they have wrongfully have sentence people to server sentences more than 20 years. That 20 years of your life that you can’t never get back you’re forever a criminal. They give you compensation for those lost years. That not going to fix the years you miss like noting is it even wroth going back to that world. To a world that you’re no longer part of a world that have shun you from society.
Most of the popularity today are behind bars and have some being down the wrong path or have being wrong fully put there. The decision they have made in their life have cost them their freedom but they have lost more than their freedom they lost their humanity. Our justice system today have made many mistake in the years. A people have being process by the system have being label as just a faulty product. “Most people who are released from prison return within a few years… mere survival on the outside are so immense” (Alexander pg3, p3). So the government doesn’t …show more content…

Well that’s through fear of course. People that need protection are the one that are afraid. The government takes that fear and use it against you by making you be afraid of everything around you. When people are that burnable they become easy to control. When people see someone who can protect them , they will support them till then end as long as that person keeps supposedly protecting them “Hiring staff whose job it was to publicize … crack-related violence” (Alexander, pg2 ,p3). When you hear about crime happening around, you become afraid of your surrounding but what if someone said we goanna improve the security in your area would you support

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