Argumentative Essay On Dire Wolves

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Dire Wolves Are Dire wolves mythical creatures? Dire Wolves existed many years ago and they were real, not just in the game of thrones. They were bigger than our everyday wolves. You can say they that they were different from our modern day wolves in many aspects, such as that they had a stronger bite and were more muscular. They no longer exist anymore due to extinction, a lot of there fossils were found in Canada and California. This is the main reason that we became to know of their existence. You may be wondering why they went extinct or why you have never heard of them.
Our everyday grey wolves weigh between 57-130 pounds where as Dire wolves would weigh between 125-170 pounds. They are now extinct, they became extinct about 10,000 …show more content…

The differences between the front teeth that the Dire wolves teeth are 3.175 centimeters and the Gray wolves teeth are 2.619 centimeters. The tail size differences of the Dire wolf are 2 feet compared to the Gray wolfs size of 1.5 feet. The skull size differences are the Dire wolfs skull is 29.5 centimeters compared to 25.1 centimeters, which is the size of the Gray wolfs skull. The jaw size differences are that the Dire wolves is wider compared to the gray wolf which is narrow. All this information can be found on “Dire Wolves appearance”, there is a chart to show all the differences. One of the main differences are there body sizes, one is a lot or at least a little bit bigger than the other.
The dire wolves lived in grasslands, forests, and places with high elevation. They originally were from South America; it is possible that they migrated to North America. Most people think that they migrated from North America to South America, so most people aren’t really certain on where they originated. However, “most scientists say that they originated from South America” (10 Fierce Facts About Dire Wolves, paragraph 10). They migrated by using the frozen ice in the Ice Ages to get to North America.
Most of their “fossils were found above the equator” (10 Fierce Facts About Dire Wolves, paragraph 9). There fossils were found in South America as well as North America. A lot of fossils were found in southern Alberta, Canada and southern California. One

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