Argumentative Essay On Dying

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A Barrier to Death Dying is never lovely. Mary Roach, defines in her essay Don’t Jump, her craving to securely understand what it feels to drop as if she wanted to end her life. Believing, “That jumping-off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge would be a lovely way to go” (Roach, 2001). To be so desperate to choose such a magnificent location, the beauty of the protruding rock-strewn and grass covered hills, the silhouette of the city against the horizon, the sedative repetition of the rapidly moving current of the bay. The individuals that do travel to the Golden Gate Bridge to end their misery do not dive with a bungie cord, they leap with the hurt in their lives thinking that this is a certain method to end their desolation. Possibly they selected this landmark to make their last statement on Earth. Is there a method to reduce the casualties without tarnishing the …show more content…

On the Marin County side of the narrows, away from the San Francisco skyline I parked the car to begin the four thousand steps I was about to take to reach the center of the orange monster. Thinking I was the only brave soul to trek across the bridge I was among the mass of also curious. From the center of the span, the deck pulsates and flexes from the speeding vehicles traveling from beginning to end. Being of short stature and terrified of heights the distance between my feet, and the four-foot railing grew as the span rose over the bay. Hands beginning to perspire and the fear of an earthquake or a whale hitting the support sending me flying off the deck to my demise became an imagined reality. At one time, the city council considered a resolution to repel the jumpers, the installation of a net under the structure to capture the bodies before they could be broken. Approved in 1998, no resources were made available to further the protective apparatus, so the pieces continue to be picked

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