Is Life After Death Important?

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On Sunday at my place of worship, I began to chat with a friend in order to find out about the topic of like after death. I was interested in knowing if she knew what would happen after we die and how she know that and how she believes or not believe she will be prepared to handle that. Questions asked included: In order to uncover this mystery I began to ask her questions like, what do you belief happens to us after we die? And how do you know that whatever happens to us actually happens if we have no one to ask to whom it has occurred to? How do you prepare for that which happens after death? Is it important to prepare now or does it not matter how we live now? Is life after death important to you? Is there really something as life after death? Or is it death after we have lived? why do you believe in this? What proof is there of this occurring or more so not occurring after death? If there is life after death why are you afraid to die, why not be happy to die in order to start a new one? If there is life after death, do we remember what happened in our previous life? And does life actually ever ends for us? Life after death has always been a mystery to me. I have read a lot on many religions and what they belief and all seem convincing but I am not sure what to believe. I am not saying that nothing happens after you die, but because no one can definitively proof what happens I still am unclear of what to think of the meaning of life after death. Because being a Hindu I
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