Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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“With Friends Like These” I had never subscribed to the idea of “trusting nobody”. After all, life is so much better with friends, isn’t it? Maybe, as I found one year ago, these two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Perhaps you cannot trust your friends, and still have them. Maybe, just maybe, this is too dramatic for what truly happened. However, I am sure that after seeing what happened that day a year ago, anybody would agree that what happened was a betrayal of the highest order. “Josh, are you ready to go up? You’re going to be speaking first.” This, I remember vividly saying to my friend. He was significantly taller than me, being able to touch the ceiling. I couldn’t even jump and do it! His black jacket waved in the wind, due to the fan behind us. “Yeah, let’s go.” He replied, with a never-before-seen confidence, so strong it could almost be tasted. It was as he said this that he stepped up to the podium. We were in debate class, ready to have the first debate of the year. Two people per group, with a week of preparation. Our topic: Euthanasia. I thought back to the time my father told me about his debate class experiences. In an impromptu debate on the same topic, his friend began a speech on youth in Asia! I gave a small chuckle, not knowing that it would be the last time I would that day. Josh began his speech, but in reality, it was my speech. I researched it and I it wrote it, so it was mine. He hadn’t done anything the whole week! Either way, he was

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