Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Over the years patients have become more invested in their healthcare and on the decisions that involve their bodies. People have taken more account that they have a lot more rights than they initially believed. Prior to 1960, patients were less likely to obtain and discuss health information. This was until The American Medical Association created a code of medical ethics. The code included that the patient has a right to obtain and discuss health information which related to the benefits, risks and costs of treatments. Overall this states that patients can make decisions which pertain to their health. The patient has the right to an adequate health care, confidentiality, the right to refuse treatment. Historically, nurses have played a key role in caring for patients across multiple healthcare settings. Nurses provide expert care throughout their careers. They contribute to the spiritual needs of patients and families, and which they are there to help achieve the optimal recovery to any health problems.
As a specific example, this paper will look at euthanasia. The topic of patient’s rights becomes a bit challenging when euthanasia is introduced. Euthanasia is an act which painlessly puts an end to a persons suffering from painful and incurable disease which allows them to die by, withholding a certain treatment or withdrawing from life support (Britannica). Euthanasia is a divisive topic, and has different interpretations of its meaning, depending on whether the person
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