Argumentative Essay On Failure

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Failure is not a complicated idea. It is a vague idea, so the only thing complicated about it is defining it. People tend to over simplify the idea. Some say that failure is only a setback to a goal. Some stress the importance of embracing a failure, but fail to explain what that actually means. Others still believe that failure should be feared and avoided at all costs
In my view, failure cannot be considered a setback. I think of it as more of a sign that one path wasn’t exactly the right one to achieve their goal. Imagine a motionless man who watched as a train zipped by him. But from the reference point of another man who was on the train, the man moved backwards. The problem with life is that it has as much motion as the train, but is invisible to the human eye. If someone doesn’t go towards where they want to be in life, life will pass them by with no sympathy. Everyone agrees that life is in motion, but no one knows where it’s going. It moves in the simplest way that something can move, forward, but in no specific direction. In that sense, failure could never set anyone back, but only change their course. Everyone who has passion about what they’re doing will think that they’re doing the most to make themselves content, but things don’t always work out according to plan. Failure doesn’t close off all opportunity, it opens up a new way of doing thing with the experience of what went wrong in the past.
I was always very confused by people who think failure needs to be

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