Argumentative Essay On Fake News

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Depending on who you are, fake news can either be a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re Donald Trump fake news can help you win the 2016 election, if you’re Hilary Clinton fake news can cost you the election. In the most recent election much of the media used fake news to bring in profit. Everywhere you looked, facebook, instagram, or on TV you would see something about Donald Trump, you could not avoid it. Fake news brought attention to Donald Trump, which many people say helped Trump win the presidential election; and if it wasn’t for the wild spread of fake news in every media imaginable, Donald Trump most likely wouldn’t have won the presidential election. Fake news can be defined as news spread in the media that is false and appears to influence political views or a joke. Stephanie Pappas is a scientific author who specifically wrote Mitochondria or Midi-Chlorians? 'Star Wars' Hoax Paper Published in 4 Journals in the Live Science online journal. The author uses science to describe why a fake news article was put into multiple different journals; her audience is more of a scientific crowd, who is interested in why such an article was published. On the other hand, Ryan F. Mandelbaum is is also a scientific author, however, he writes to more of a casual, entertainment seeking crowd. Madelbaum writes for Gizmodo, previously was a comedian and physicists, and considers himself a ‘nerd’. He wrote the article, Scientific Journals Publish Bogus Paper About Midi-chlorians from

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