Argumentative Essay On Genetic Testing

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The first issue about genetic testing is the discrimination that can come out from your results that all questions that people have are to understand if they should really beginning their tested” because information about individuals Health can be used to discriminate against them the Privacy provisions of u.s. health insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996( HIPAA) was revised in 2003 to create a category of protected health information that can be used or disclosed only under certain conditions (Nature). Genetic discrimination occurs if people are treated unfairly because of differences in the DNA that can increase their chances of getting a certain disease. “An example of genetic discrimination in the workplace occurred in 2000 at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company employees who file claims and sought medical attention for carpal tunnel syndrome or required to submit blood samples”( Fulda). Concerns about genetic testing and genetic discrimination became a big issue in the late 1990’s even though we have laws that make an act discrimination illegal people still have worries about their genetic information being used illegally(). “Genomic can enable the misuse and abuse of our most personal information”( Nature). Given the prevalence of genetic mutations, any one of us could have a predisposition for a genetic disorder. The availability of genetic tests for some of these predispositions has clear benefits for treatment and prevention

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