Argumentative Essay On Global Citizenship

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While the very definition of the term ‘global citizenship’ may vary, The Global Citizens’ Initiative has simplified such profound term into a person who “identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices (Israel, 2012).” When looking at ‘citizenship’ from a worldview, cosmopolitanism and globalization are the two main factors that are inevitably crucial, as they expand one’s perspective to the extent where one individual form a global-link and form a relationship based on shared beliefs and inclusive mutual respect, which also resulted in interconnectedness and intercultural communication.
Cosmopolitanism is the belief system that every single individual has a place with a solitary group, in view of a mutual ethical quality. In political phrases, it consists of an ideological function of awareness and criticism. In sociological phrases, it is far a reconfigured device for members of the family in a worldwide global (Gonçalves, 2015). To quote Appiah, cosmopolitanisms is an ideology that can be define as “citizen of the world” (cited in Brookes, 2006). Moreover, cosmopolitans additionally agree with that each one human beings come under the same ethical requirements. In the face of cosmopolitanisms, the limits between nations, states, cultures or societies are therefore morally inappropriate, as “cosmopolitanism indicates a commitment to universal values” (Pitty, Stokes & Smith, 2008).

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