The Importance Of Become A Global Citizen

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Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen The rapid advancement of society in recent years has greatly increased connectivity and communication capabilities across the globe, such as the development of the worldwide network known as the Internet. The increased connectedness between countries has also brought greater visibility to the substantial cultural differences around the world, from religious freedoms to accepted social behaviors. This global expansion has furthered the opportunity to promote the development of global citizenship, which Reysen and Katzarska-Miller (2013) defined as the embrace of cultural diversity through awareness, acceptance, and the promotion of social justice and responsibility. Global citizenship allows individuals from many cultural backgrounds to develop productive relationships by decreasing the tensions brought on by cultural differences, as well as promoting open sharing of contrasting views to develop better ideas as a group (Wang & Hoffman, 2016). Becoming a global citizen is essential to furthering societal development, improving cross-cultural communication, and promoting awareness and acceptance of different cultures. Benefits of Being a Global Citizen Global citizenship increases an individual’s critical thinking skills by encouraging the individual to embrace the diversity of other cultures and adopt alternative approaches to communication and problem-solving methods (Reysen & Katzarska-Miller, 2013). Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi

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