Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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Global Warming: A Hot Topic Amidst a Chilling Reality Earth provides life to all living beings and asks for very little in return. Earth gives fiery, red sunrises to help greet the new day and briny oceans of blue that extends as far as the eye can see. How does humanity repay the planet for such gifts? By degrading it. By poisoning it. By wounding it, and by depleting it of its resources that were never anybody's to own, but merely to borrow. Consumerism, industrialism, materialism, and a lack of understanding are the driving forces of this relentless abuse directed at Earth. Even Earth, with its resilience and strength, can only endure so much abuse and exploitation before it decides "enough is enough". Even Earth has a breaking point, and this breaking point has lead humanity into the harrowing reality that is called global warming. In 2017, Global warming is a widespread topic. It is frequently mentioned in daily news broadcasts all around the world and has been the subject of countless studies and articles from decades ago to modern day. This paper will discuss some of the main underlying causes of this environmental crisis; deforestation, animal agriculture, and fossil fuels. Forests play an imperative role in the ecosystem. They provide habitats and infrastructure for countless, diverse species of organisms; they are an elixir of life for animals and human beings alike. Forests provide beauty and tranquility to the planet, and along with being serene, forests

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