Argumentative Essay On Green Day

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On January 20th, 2001, George W Bush was inaugurated with his side man, Vice President Dick Cheney. Quickly becoming one of the most controversial subjects in the last half-century, our 43rd president of the United States began his political conquest to “Reform with results”. Though easily making many promises to his loyal citizens, Bush would go on to create some revolutionary solutions. As any presidency goes, war came along and so did the criticism. Punk rock band, Green Day, was no different than many other outraged citizens; forming a group for stance in matters which they found could be solved in other ways. Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt took to the microphone and recorded their number one hit album “American Idiot”.
Thesis: Placed number two on the album, Green Days’ 2005 release of “Jesus of suburbia” strongly protests the presidency of George w Bush and the American movements in the Iraquian war with its use of sarcasm, metaphors and over exaggerations, personification, and album art.
Point 1: Green Days more modern look on the world insures the use of irony in order to convey contempt. To note, sarcasm plays a huge role in society, and always has. 1. And there's nothing wrong with me… This is what the government makes him think. He is trying to show that the government is making up stories for headlines to demonstrate how good everything is in the U.S. 2. City of the Dead…. Saying again that the government is

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