Argumentative Essay On Human Trafficking

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“I had nowhere else to go,” confesses one human trafficking victim explaining why she returned to her trafficker. Tears fill her eyes as she looks down at the crumpled wad of tissues gripped tightly in her fist. “I went back because I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t have any other options,” she sobs as she lays her head in her hands. Sadly, many women and girls like her in Western North Carolina have the same impossible choice to make when faced with the prospect of escaping their traffickers only to sleep on the streets. Unfortunately, life on the streets and the possibility of violence or death often seems preferable to this modern version of human slavery.
Women and girls experiencing homelessness face an array of problems beyond the lack of a safe and suitable home that include social disadvantages, reduced access to public and private services, and vulnerability to labor and sex trafficking. From the foreign woman escaping a life of abuse and discrimination hoping to find a haven in the land of opportunity to the young runaway fleeing from a violent and abusive home life, those without a place to call home share a common bond of vulnerability to traffickers. In fact, traffickers hone in on these vulnerable individuals often feigning affection or offering shelter to elicit commercial sex or services from their victims. Although human trafficking can happen to anyone, most human trafficking victims are women and girls. In addition to homelessness, gender is significant

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