Argumentative Essay On Korean War

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Pre-World War III: Korean War
In this seemingly peaceful world, the Korean Peninsula has been seen as one of the hottest potatoes in the world. Many people do not acknowledge that the Korean War has not ended, but the event settled with just an armistice since the tension of the war became so intense between not only two Koreans, but other major countries such as Russia, China, and the United States. Even an armistice of the war, there still remains severe tensions in the Korean Peninsula and because of this, questions like why Korea has been the only divided country in the world and what has increased the tension between two Koreans have been brought up to historians. And to the answers to the questions about the modern Koreans is the war
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“In the West, including the United States that contributed by far the largest number of United Nations forces to the conflict (followed by Britain and Canada), scholarship and memorialization of the war has recently come into its own, after decades of being overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam” (Armstrong), as the costs and casualties for United States were also significantly huge for being involved in the one peninsula where 36,574 deaths and 103,284 were wounded and costed around $67 billion on this war (“Korean War Fast Fact”). And for being a short war compare to the World War II or Vietnam War, the casualties of this war were extremely bloody in which nearly 5 million people died which most of them were 1 million of South Korean civilians, and about 600,000 Korean soldiers died (“Korean War Fast…show more content…
Still, there were significance of this war that affected in our modern history like the North Korea, aftermath of Douglas MacArthur, TV drama called M*A*S*H, and the fall of the Soviet Union. And it was remarkable that this war was the first war for the United Nations after their unification. There is no doubt that Korean War is influential to the both Koreas in the political side and economical side, with their ongoing conflict between each other as it may create the World War III when the armistice break between

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