Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of Marijuana is a topic that has been discussed for many years. It has had many support as well as opposition. This topic has caused a lot of controversy over the years. In today’s society the amount of marijuana or cannabis that is being consumed is, for the most part, consumed by teens and adults. Although marijuana is an illegal drug, that does not stop people from getting a hold of it. The use of marijuana can be for many reasons such as, socializing, obtaining a high, escaping depression or for medical reasons. The legalization of marijuana is beneficial to the economy, society, and health. The economy benefits from the legalization of marijuana for various reasons. The impact on tax revenue has shown how this has …show more content…

The Drug Policy Alliance wrote, “By no longer arresting and prosecuting possession and other low-level marijuana offenses, states are saving hundreds of millions of dollars.” That is beneficial to both the economy and society. It is also said that the use of marijuana decreases the abuses of opioids. Fewer opioids means fewer cases of addiction, over doses and deaths. Society benefits from the legalization as a whole but also as individuals. The legalization of marijuana is very beneficial to a person’s health. As previously stated, medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 states. Marijuana can help the following health problems: Epileptic Seizures, Glaucoma, Dravet’s Syndrome, Anxiety, It can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, it also helps multiple sclerosis, PTSD and it can protect the brain from concussions and trauma. It serves as an appetite stimulant and helps patients going through chemo with their nausea and vomiting. Marijuana is actually safer to consume than alcohol and tobacco. Many people die from the use of alcohol, the CDC reported that more than 30,000 death occur due to the health effects of alcohol, and they do not have a category for deaths caused by marijuana which, shows that marijuana is not a drug that causes deaths. Alcohol use has damaging effects on the brain while on the other hand, marijuana actually has neuroprotective properties. Alcohol leads

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