Argumentative Essay On Mobile Phone

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I remember when I purchased my first cell phone in 2004. I was 15 years old in high school. The feeling of freedom and being able to call friends anytime was a feeling indescribable to many youths at the time. Also, along with the feeling of being part of the lucky few to be “cool” enough to have one was probably even better feeling. As I have become accustomed and dependent on my cell phone, it has caused me a plethora of emotions. Ranging from pure bliss, the time when I received the phone call for the birth of my first son, to complete loathing of the device, ringing at the earliest hours of the morning as I lay in bed trying to capture the last moments of serenity before life kicks into overdrive once again. Even though cell phones are useful, they can conjure up deep emotions from our day to day interactions with them that have become widely acceptable today. Even the absence of our phones can provoke a tangible emotional response. In present times, it can be concluded that society has now grown an emotional attachment to our phones. My girlfriend and I go out to eat frequently with our family. We usually sit talking about everything from our daily activities, the usual chatter for most couples. This particular evening we were not on the best of terms. As we sat and waited on our food to arrive, I could not get her attention to save my life. I could see her face buried eyebrow deep into the screen of her phone. Dying for interaction from her, I squeezed a conversation

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